Domino Cinematográfico

“Domino Cinematográfico” published by Talleres Gráficos Irández, Barcelona, c.1925 features famous film stars from the era. Black & white portraits of the cinema artists are framed with colour decorations on each card, with dominoes beneath. The backs of the cards were overprinted with advertising for various chocolate manufacturers, confectioners or grocers.

Talleres Gráficos Irández also published “Artistas del Cine” movie stars playing cards advertising chocolate. Both these sets were designed by J. Passos, whose monogram appears on the double blank tile.

See also: Carreras Domino cards, 1929

Above: “Domino Cinematográfico” published by Talleres Gráficos Irández, Aragon 197, Barcelona, c.1925. 28 cards. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

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