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Boutros Arabic Playing Cards

Arabic playing cards designed by Evy Maros & Mourad Boutros, c.1990

Boutros Arabic Playing Cards

British Museum Playing Cards

Unique pack of playing cards created for the British Museum with illustrations by Frances Button.

British Museum Playing Cards

David Robert

“David Robert” playing cards with artwork after Robert's Sketches in Egypt and Nubia.

David Robert

Egypt Souvenir

Souvenir from Egypt - the home of lovely memories - 54 colour photos, c.1980.

Egypt Souvenir 1980

Papyrus playing cards

Egyptian ‘Papyrus’ playing cards with beautiful illustrations against a papyrus background.

Papyrus playing cards

Pharaonic Souvenir of Egypt

Pharaonic Souvenir of Egypt, c.2010

Pharaonic Souvenir of Egypt 2010

Red Sea

Red Sea fish identification cards published in several languages by Horus of Egypt, 2005.

Red Sea 2005