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Racey Helps

Racey Helps

Racey Helps was an English children's author and illustrator. He is best known for illustrating postcards, greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards and wrapping paper. His playing cards featured woodland creatures and birds, with illustrations by the author.

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Farmyard Cries 1952

Farmyard Cries

Farmyard Cries card game, designed by Racey Helps and published by Pepys Games, 1952.

Jungle Thrills & Safari 1955

Jungle Thrills & Safari

Jungle Thrills illustrated by Racey Helps and published by Pepys Games, 1955.

Pets / Family Favourites 1962

Pets / Family Favourites

Pets card game illustrated by Racey Helps was published by Pepys Games in 1955 but re-named Family Favourites in 1962.

Woodland Old Maid 1957

Woodland Old Maid

Woodland Old Maid, a Pepys Card Game illustrated by Racey Helps, first published c.1957.

Woodland Snap 1960

Woodland Snap

Woodland Snap is played with a pack of 44 cards illustrated with "Woodland" characters by Racey Helps the famous children's artist.