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Closely following the development of visual advertising in general, such as on labels, packaging, posters and TV commercials, advertising playing cards seek to find ways to associate products with our inner desires and longings, with our identity and who we want to be. Some packs are widely distributed as part of larger promotions, others are more exclusive. In some cases single cards are collected from inside the advertised product, thereby stimulating further sales to complete a full set.

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Banque Nationale de Paris, c.1962 1962

Banque Nationale de Paris, c.1962

Special deck made for La Banque Nationale de Paris by Van Genechten, Turnhout, c.1962.

Baraja Gallega 2002

Baraja Gallega

Baraja Gallega designed by cartoonists and caricaturists Pinto Chinto (David Pintor & Carlos López) in 2002.

Baraja Gaucha Juan C. Yelina 2006

Baraja Gaucha Juan C. Yelina

Baraja Gaucha by Juan C. Yelina for Profertil S.A., 2006.

Baraja Hoja de Afeitar 1938

Baraja Hoja de Afeitar

La Baraja 'Hoja de Afeitar'. Baraja de Hojas Maravilla descalificadas como de primerísima categoría.

Baraja Taurina by Simeon Durá, c.1916 1916

Baraja Taurina by Simeon Durá, c.1916

Baraja Taurina manufactured by Simeon Durá (Valencia) for Chocolate Angelical, first published in 1916.

Bayer 1963


Humorous pharmaceutical deck made by Antoine van Genechten for Bayer, c.1963.

Beaujolais je t’aime …

Beaujolais je t’aime …

Pack promoting Beaujolais wine published by Editions du Nuton, France.

Beautiful Britain Series

Beautiful Britain Series

The ‘Beautiful Britain’ series depicting seaside and country resorts was produced by John Waddington Ltd for the Great Western Railway and London and North Eastern Railway between 1924-1939.

BEB playing cards 1977

BEB playing cards

Multicoloured publicity pack for a gas production and transport company.

Bell’s Patience playing cards 2006

Bell’s Patience playing cards

Bell’s Patience playing cards, United Kingdom, 2006

Belle Vue Gueuze 1969

Belle Vue Gueuze

Promotional playing cards designed by Wim Simons, Belgium, 1960s.

Benadryl® 2000


Benadryl ® family fun playing cards, c.2000.

Benfiquista! 2006


Licensed and sponsored product for the Benfica Football Club, Lisbon, Portugal, 2006.

BG Bouw Building Company 1980

BG Bouw Building Company

BG Bouw Dutch Building Company publicity deck manufactured by Carta Mundi, c.1980.

Biermans for the Estanco de Naipes del Peru 1965

Biermans for the Estanco de Naipes del Peru

Standard Genoese pattern with French indices made by Biermans for Cigarrillo Holiday and the Estanco de Naipes del Perú.

Biermans Genoese pattern

Biermans Genoese pattern

Biermans Genoese pattern for Clayson agricultural machinery, late 1960s.

Billionaire Boys Club Playing Cards by Theory11 2022

Billionaire Boys Club Playing Cards by Theory11

Limited edition luxury playing cards by Billionaire Boys Club and Theory 11.

Binary Playing Cards 1968

Binary Playing Cards

Promotional deck for Honeywell Computers by Brown & Bigelow c.1968 with the cards marked in binary notation

Biography Channel 2002

Biography Channel

The ‘Biography Channel Card Game’, 2002

Birkel Schwarzer Peter 1950

Birkel Schwarzer Peter

The Birkel company has produced several promotional “Schwarzer Peter” packs over the years and this one is themed on the circus.