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This list provides a collection of articles that feature the history, designs and promotion of aviation on playing cards. From the historical deck designs of WWI to the modern versions produced today, each article provides a unique insight into the fascinating world of aviation on playing cards.

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Aeronaves de Mexico

Aeronaves de Mexico

Special pack for Aeronaves de Mexico S.A., designed by Ramón Valdiosera Berman, mid-1960s.

AGMüller English Pattern 1980

AGMüller English Pattern

AGMüller standard English pattern for the Royal Jordanian Airline, 1980s

Air India 1980

Air India

‘Air India’ playing cards, made in India.

Air Malta

Air Malta

‘Air Rummy’ playing cards published by Air Malta, late 1990s.

Airummy 2000


Souvenir pack made for the Malta Tourism Authority, Malta, c.2000.



Alitalia advertising deck produced by Premier Portfolio International Ltd.



Anonymous Moroccan Playing Cards for Royal Air Maroc airlines and others...

Banco for Air France, c.1952 1952

Banco for Air France, c.1952

Banco playing cards for Air France manufactured by Draeger Frères, c.1952.

Bicycle Flight playing cards 2014

Bicycle Flight playing cards

Bicycle Flight ‘Airplane’ and ‘Airship’ playing cards, homage to aviation, 2014.

Biggles 1955


Biggles card game published by Pepys Games in 1955 based on the popular books by Capt W E Johns.

British Airways Concorde 2003

British Airways Concorde

British Airways Concorde playing cards made in Belgium by Carta Mundi, before 2003.

Caledonian Airways “European Phrases” 1994

Caledonian Airways “European Phrases”

“European Phrase” playing cards produced for Caledonian Airways, 1994.

Chocolate playing cards with scenes from World War 1 1920

Chocolate playing cards with scenes from World War 1

An extraordinary Spanish pack of chocolate advertising playing cards dating from 1920.

Eastern Airlines and Ryder Trucks by Hoyle 1983

Eastern Airlines and Ryder Trucks by Hoyle

Dual advertising deck for Eastern Airlines and Ryder Trucks, produced by Hoyle, 1983.

El Al Airlines 1965

El Al Airlines

Pack designed by Jean David (1908-93) for El Al Airlines. The courts are named after Biblical characters.

EPCS August 1994 Newsletter

EPCS August 1994 Newsletter Members Only

Jack & Jill • Merry Matches • Prince of Wales • Smiths Potato Crisps • El-Al Airlines • Isle of Man • Age of Inventions • Goodall • Donald Duck Circular Snap • World War 1 • Beautiful Britain (Part 5)

EPCS February 1998 Newsletter

EPCS February 1998 Newsletter Members Only

Transformation • Tennis Snap • Happy Families • Worshipful Pack 1997 • Biggles • Richard Edward Ltd • Hall & Son • Waddingtons • American War of Independence • Hollywood Great Movie Stars • Glory of Venice • Famous Dogs of the World

EPCS May 1998 Newsletter

EPCS May 1998 Newsletter Members Only

Micky 1928-1998 • Abolition of Duty on Playing Cards • Nursery Rhyme Snap • Transformation • Titanic • Royal British Legion • Fakes and Forgeries • Multum in Parvo "Good Shilling Card Games" • Floral • Josiah Stone • Elvis • Grand Prix • Modern Art • Impressionist Portraits • Yorkshire • Mexico • Whist Rhymes • Spitfire • Valentine Games

EPCS November 1993 Newsletter

EPCS November 1993 Newsletter Members Only

150th Anniversary of Nelson's Column • Fortune Telling • RAF 75th Anniversary • C-Operative Wholesale Society • Conundrums • 65th Birthday of Mickey Mouse • De La Rue • Walt Disney Packs • Nursery Rhymes • Mother Hubbard • Higgnets Bros • Sunlight Geographic • Bystander • Goodall's National • Iranian

Ethiopian Air Lines 1969

Ethiopian Air Lines

Ethiopian Air Lines playing cards designed by Melles Habtezghi with courts wearing regional costumes, c.1969.