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Bolognese pattern 1906

Bolognese pattern

Standard Bolognese pattern pack by Murari of Bari.

Mitelli Tarocchini 1664

Mitelli Tarocchini

The title refers to “a new form of Tarocchini”. Mitelli's designs are to a high standard of artistic quality and a complete departure from the old tradition, especially the 22 Trump cards which are unnamed and unnumbered.

Primiera Bolognese

Primiera Bolognese

Primiera Bolognese by Modiano, c.1975

Tarocchini Bolognesi by Carlo Zanardi 1850

Tarocchini Bolognesi by Carlo Zanardi

Tarocchini Bolognesi by Carlo Zanardi, c.1850

Tarocco Bolognese 1970

Tarocco Bolognese

Tarocco Bolognese