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A Gardener’s Labyrinth 2003

A Gardener’s Labyrinth

Photographs of flowers, herbs and vegetables by leading photographer Tessa Traeger.

Botany Quartetts 1860

Botany Quartetts

Botany card game published by Houlston and Wright & Henry Greenwood, c.1860.

Das Kupferstichspiel des I.M.F. von 1617 1617

Das Kupferstichspiel des I.M.F. von 1617

Playing cards had been made as precious objects for wealthy clients since the late 14th century. They were made to look at, admire and to keep in curiosity cabinets, or perhaps to entertain ladies or educate children rather than to play with.

Flora 1903


‘Flora’ card game published by C.W. Faulkner, printed by Dondorf, 1903.

Foragers playing cards 2019

Foragers playing cards

Playing cards to help to identify the edible and inedible gifts of nature.

Fruits et Légumes 1900

Fruits et Légumes

The beautiful artwork in Dondorf's “Fruits et Légumes” quartet game reminds us of the benefits of natural food.

Fungi Mycological Playing Cards 2018

Fungi Mycological Playing Cards

Mystic Mushrooms Playing Cards, 2018.

Garden Flowers 1961

Garden Flowers

Garden Flowers card game designed by Dora Ratman, published by Pepys, 1961.

Jeu des Fleurs 1900

Jeu des Fleurs

Dondorf no.332: ‘Jeu des Fleurs’ French edition

Language of Flowers 1999

Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers by Past Times, c.1999.

Löschenkohl’s Botanical Playing Cards 1806

Löschenkohl’s Botanical Playing Cards

Löschenkohl produced a second copper engraved deck, the Botanical Playing Cards, in 1806. This deck, as well as the Musical Playing Cards, were produced shortly before Löschenkohl’s death.

Map of the world in full bloom 2017

Map of the world in full bloom

Map of the world in full bloom, USA, 2017

Royal flash playing cards 1974

Royal flash playing cards

Royal flash playing cards with non-standard suits, USA, 1974.

The Mrs. Forster Collection

The Mrs. Forster Collection

Playing cards featuring original botanical paintings by Mrs. Sidney Eliza Forster from the 1890s.

Wild Flower Sevens 1960

Wild Flower Sevens

Wild Flower Sevens card game by Pepys Games (Castell Bros Ltd), c.1960.

Wild Flowers of America 1991

Wild Flowers of America

"Discover Wildflowers of America Playing Cards" manufactured by Carta Mundi (US), and created by Mark Hamilton and Sea to Sky Photography.