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“Wild Flower Sevens” card game

Every card pictures a different Wild Flower...

Wild flowers have appeared as suit symbols on playing cards as far back as the fifteenth century. Flowers also appear on fortune-telling or oracle cards where the flowers suggest virtues or human qualities. In this children's card game published by Castell Brothers Ltd c.1960 each card shows in full colour a different specimen of Britain's beautiful wild flowers which can also be used to identify the flowers found outside.

Each card pictures a different wild flower and the pack is made up of 4 suits of 11 cards each. The suits are recognised by the shapes enclosing the numbers in the top left-hand corner of the cards and are Circle, Square, Diamond and Triangle. The cards of each suit are numbered 2 to 12, there being none numbered 1.

box and rules from Wild Flower Sevens card game by Pepys Games Wild Flower Sevens card game by Pepys Games

Above: Wild Flower Sevens card game by Pepys Games (Castell Bros Ltd) c.1960. The place where each flower is commonly found is printed at the bottom of every card.

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