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Pato Donald 1984

Pato Donald

Donald Duck card game © Walt Disney Productions, by Naipes Fournier, 1984.

Patoruzito 2004


Patoruzito children’s playing cards, Argentina, 2004.

Paw Patrol 2016

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol Jumbo Playing Cards by Cardinal 2016.

Periquito y Tontín Dominoes 1920

Periquito y Tontín Dominoes

Periquito y Tontín Dominoes, featuring Feliz and Bonzo, 1920s.

Pinocho 1975


Pinocho children’s playing cards published by Editorial Gráfica Flores c.1975.

Plants vs. Zombies UNO Card Set 2011

Plants vs. Zombies UNO Card Set

Plants vs. Zombies UNO card set Chinese edition, licensed by Mattel East Asia Limited, 2011.

Playing Cards designed by Alvaros 2000

Playing Cards designed by Alvaros

Playing Cards designed by Alvaros, published by Eduardo Carrión, Montevideo, 2000

Political playing cards (2015) 2015

Political playing cards (2015)

Political playing cards produced by Oliver Preston at the time of the 2015 UK Parliamentary election.

Popeye Knockout 1961

Popeye Knockout

Popeye Knockout No.6586 by Tower Press, c.1961.

Preposterous playing cards

Preposterous playing cards

Preposterous playing cards by Simon Drew published by British Heritage Ltd, Herts.

Promo-Québec 1973


Fun designs by Normand Hudon promoting the Canadian province of Quebec.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! playing cards 1970

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! playing cards

Strange facts from Robert Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ books, in the form of cartoons.

River Plate Para Siempre 2004

River Plate Para Siempre

“River Plate Para Siempre” football club cartoon playing cards, c.2004.

Rois de France 2015

Rois de France

Figures from French history restyled for a younger audience published by Quelle Histoire, 2015.

Rummy No.210 1934

Rummy No.210

Period cartoon images from the 1930s. The Kings are in fancy dress ready to party, the Queens appear ready for socialising whilst the Jacks are already on the go.

Scarfes Bar playing cards

Scarfes Bar playing cards

‘Scarfes Bar’ satirical playing cards with cartoons by Gerald Scarfe, United Kingdom.

Scouting playing cards 2003

Scouting playing cards

Cartoon-style illustrations promoting a Belgian organisation for scouts and guides.

Shuffled Symphonies 1939

Shuffled Symphonies

Shuffled Symphonies published by Pepys Games in association with Walt Disney, 1939.

Silly Symphony 1930

Silly Symphony

“Silly Symphonies” or “Mickey Mouse Snap” manufactured by Chad Valley Co. Ltd, 1930s.

Soldaty Udachi 2001

Soldaty Udachi

“Soldaty Udachi” (Soldiers of Fortune) Army and Police humour playing cards, Russia, 2001.