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Arthurian by Kings Wild Project 2017

Arthurian by Kings Wild Project

Arthurian Playing Cards by Kings Wild Project, a luxury playing card deck designed by Jackson Robinson, inspired by the myths and legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Baraxa Galega 1983

Baraxa Galega

Baraxa Galega designed by F. Perez Llamosas and published by Naipes Heraclio Fournier, 1983.

Bretagne 1960


Jeu de Cartes “Bretagne” conveying their cultural identity.

Celtic Journey 2011

Celtic Journey

Celtic Journey playing cards - where art and culture meet - designed by Carmen G. Carballeira, 2011

Celtic Myth Playing Cards 2015

Celtic Myth Playing Cards

Celtic Myth playing cards are the third and final set of cards in a series based around the themes of Celtic mythology and society.

Cultúrlán 2014


Celtic myth playing cards inspired by the rich Celtic pantheon of mythological Gods, Goddesses, and heroes

EPCS February 2005 Newsletter

EPCS February 2005 Newsletter Members Only

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Irish Gaelic Playing Cards 2013

Irish Gaelic Playing Cards

A set of cards to help bring awareness to old and infrequently used languages, created by E Brewstein. Each card in the pack also functions as a mini language lesson, great for playing games and also learning about Irish heritage.

Irish Heroic 1919

Irish Heroic

The costumes and details of this pack are in the spirit of "The Heroic Period of Irish History".

Irish Historic 1920

Irish Historic

Irish Historic Playing Cards celebrating history and art, 1920.

Irish Legendary 1990

Irish Legendary

Irish Legendary deck featuring figures in the Legends of Ireland, designed by Rachel Arbuckle, 1990.

Irish Playing Cards

Irish Playing Cards

Playing card designs based on motifs from early Irish manuscripts and metalwork.

Kuningas Artturin Ritarit

Kuningas Artturin Ritarit

“Kuningas Artturin Ritarit” (King Arthur’s Knights) playing cards designed by Mauri Kunnas

Les Grandes Figures de L’Histoire Bretonne 1980

Les Grandes Figures de L’Histoire Bretonne

Les Grandes Figures de L’Histoire Bretonne

Playing Cards from Ireland

Playing Cards from Ireland

During the nineteenth century playing cards were being produced in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

Rapalje 2004


Promotional pack for a Dutch Celtic folk band which performs Irish, Scottish and Dutch folk music, c.2004.

Scottish Legends 1988

Scottish Legends

Scottish Legends playing cards illustrated by Mark Oxbrow. published by R Somerville, Edinburgh, 1998.

Tarabish 1990


A special pack of playing cards for an unusual game played almost exclusively in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.