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Carte per Signora 1897

Carte per Signora

“Carte per Signora” patience pack was produced by Fratelli Armanino, Genova, in c.1897.



Colour lithography was invented in 1798 by a Bavarian actor and playwright named Alois Senefelder (1771-1834). It is based on the principle that oil and water do not mix.

Goodall’s “Historic” Playing Cards 1893

Goodall’s “Historic” Playing Cards

Goodall’s “Historic” Playing Cards depict royal costumes of four periods in English history, 1893.

La Suisse Historique Swiss Cantons souvenir 1920

La Suisse Historique Swiss Cantons souvenir

A masterpiece in the genre of tourist souvenir decks, “La Suisse Historique” Swiss Cantons souvenir designed by Melchior Annen in c.1920.

Nineteenth Century Pack 1900

Nineteenth Century Pack

A magnificent example of Goodall & Son’s range of chromolithographed Commemorative playing cards from the late nineteenth century..