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Cir-Q-Lar 1929


Cir-Q-Lar Playing Cards. In 1929 John Waddington Ltd commenced the production of circular cards and these were very popular.

Circular Coon Cards

Circular Coon Cards

Circular playing cards in a round tin titled: Sutherland's Circular Coon Cards published by Hartley Bros Pty Ltd, Australia, late 19th century.

Dasavatara Ganjifa from India 1950

Dasavatara Ganjifa from India

Chromo-lithograph Ganjifa cards by the Chitrasala Press, around 1950. Ten suits of twelve cards, each suit is based on one of the ten incarnations of Vishnu.

Donald’s Circular Snap 1951

Donald’s Circular Snap

Donald’s Circular Snap published by Pepys, 1951.

Easter Playing Cards 2005

Easter Playing Cards

Egg-shaped cards with rabbit designs in soft, pastel colours for Easter.

EPCS August 1994 Newsletter

EPCS August 1994 Newsletter Members Only

Jack & Jill • Merry Matches • Prince of Wales • Smiths Potato Crisps • El-Al Airlines • Isle of Man • Age of Inventions • Goodall • Donald Duck Circular Snap • World War 1 • Beautiful Britain (Part 5)

EPCS June 2002 Newsletter

EPCS June 2002 Newsletter Members Only

Golden Jubilee • Willis & Woolley 1876 • Happy Families - Music Sheet • Samson - Stanley Matthews • Cadbury Snap • Robinson • Poets at the Card Table/What's in the Box? • Harry Ferguson Ltd • Woolley Circular Cards • Historical Dominoes • Johnson's Toilet Powder • Cavalier Playing Cards • Bits from John and Clive • The 52 Club • Brewery Playing Cards • Help! / Samuel Pepys • Astra • Alfred Marks • Egyptian Fortune Telling

EPCS November 1990 Newsletter

EPCS November 1990 Newsletter Members Only

Cunard Shipping Line • Isle of Man • 1982 & 1983 Worshipful Company Pack • Hignett Bros • Circular • SNAP • WW1 • Deakins Political • Thomas De La Rue • FLEETS of Liverpool Happy Families • Noddy

Euro Playing Cards 2001

Euro Playing Cards

New euro banknotes and coins from several countries on circular cards.

Fairy Brand Round Playing Cards No.200A

Fairy Brand Round Playing Cards No.200A

Fairy Brand Round Playing Cards No.200A

Fate Circular Deck

Fate Circular Deck

Circular Spanish-suited playing cards for FATE, 2007

Ganjifa™ 2002


A colourful pack of round cards with Ganjifa designs by Asha Industries, Mumbai, India, 2002.

Globe Card Company 1874

Globe Card Company

“Globe Playing Cards” patented on Oct. 6, 1874 by I. N. Richardson.

Handmade Ganjifa Birds Playing Cards 1991

Handmade Ganjifa Birds Playing Cards

This set of Ganjifa cards is a beautiful example of traditional cards from India.

Indian Ganjifa Playing Cards

Indian Ganjifa Playing Cards

‘Ganjifa’ playing cards made in Sheopor in the North of Madhya Pradesh province in Central India. The Ganjifa game probably developed from 13th century games played by Mamluk immigrants from China.

Les “Œufs de Cartes” de Krasno 1981

Les “Œufs de Cartes” de Krasno

Egg-shaped cards created by Rodolfo Krasno employing photographic images by Michel Leclerc.

Master PW Circular Cards 1500

Master PW Circular Cards

Master PW Circular Playing Cards: roses, columbines, carnations, parrots and hares... everyday objects evoking life and fertility.

VELCAP circular, c.1980 1980

VELCAP circular, c.1980

VELCAP circular playing cards made by Cappellano S.A., c.1980.

Waddington’s Cir-Q-Lar Playing Cards 1930

Waddington’s Cir-Q-Lar Playing Cards

Waddington's Cir-Q-Lar Playing Cards, c.1930

Wüst Oval Patience 1910

Wüst Oval Patience

C. L. Wüst Oval Patience Karten No. 240, beautifully printed by chromolithography, c.1910.