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Facsimiles, Replicas & Recreations of Playing Cards

Facsimiles, Replicas & Recreations

Facsimiles, Replicas & Recreations of playing cards offer a unique glimpse into the evolution of card design. This list includes various reproductions, some based on historical designs from as far back as the 1600s. Each article provides detailed information about the origins and inspirations behind the recreations.

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Vandenborre Tarot 1780

Vandenborre Tarot

Belgian Tarot published by François-Jean Vandenborre, Brussels (1762-1803)

William Tell

William Tell

Facsimile of Swiss William Tell deck from c.1870 published by Lo Scarabeo.

William Warter 1698

William Warter

William Warter's Proverbial Cards, which carry illustrations of old English proverbs, were first published in 1698.

Winstanley Geographical cards 1967

Winstanley Geographical cards

Facsimile of Winstanley’s Geographical cards produced by Harold & Virginia Wayland, 1967.

Woodblock and Stencil Playing Cards 1987

Woodblock and Stencil Playing Cards

Around 1987 I decided to make a pack of playing cards from woodblocks and coloured with stencils. I imagined I was carrying out my 'apprenticeship'.

Ye Witches’ Fortune Cards 2019

Ye Witches’ Fortune Cards

Review of the 2019 edition Ye Witches Fortune Cards No 62