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Les Ordres de Chevalerie 2006

Les Ordres de Chevalerie

Six orders of chivalry represented pictorially by the artist Patrick Dallanégra.

Meal Tub Plot 1971

Meal Tub Plot

Meal Tub Plot playing cards [facsimile] with 17th century sketches by Francis Barlow.

Naipe Navarro 1980

Naipe Navarro

Historical figures and artefacts from Navarre with designs by M. Sinués for the Navarre Association of Volunteer Blood Donors.

Neue Deutsche Spielkarte 1883

Neue Deutsche Spielkarte

Neue Deutsche Spielkarte (Reformkarte) conceived by Dr. Timon Schroeter, 1883.

Postgeschichte 1987


A celebration of different postal systems in Germany from 1630 to 1850, with designs by Volker Hartmann.

Rowley & Co - “Monarchs of Europe” 1775

Rowley & Co - “Monarchs of Europe”

In around 1775 Rowley & Co attempted to reform the traditional court cards to portraits of the kings and queens of England, France, Spain and Russia.

Russian Style 1911

Russian Style

Russian style playing cards first published in 1911.

Spanish Historical Characters playing cards, c.1896 1896

Spanish Historical Characters playing cards, c.1896

Cards from the Spanish Historical Characters playing cards set printed by Litografía Madriguera (Barcelona), c.1896, which were inserted into packets of chocolate.