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Most Wanted

The 'Most Wanted' playing card series is based on the format of the 2003 Iraqi Most Wanted pack.

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America’s Most Wanted 2003

America’s Most Wanted

“America’s Most Wanted” playing cards based on the anti-crime reality TV show. 2003.

Brexit Most Wanted 2019

Brexit Most Wanted

‘Brexit Most Wanted’ playing cards, United Kingdom, 2019.

EPCS June 2003 Newsletter

EPCS June 2003 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS October 2003 Newsletter

EPCS October 2003 Newsletter Members Only

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Game Over 2006

Game Over

‘Game Over’ political playing cards from Israel, 2006.

Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards 2003

Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards

Playing cards used to help troops identify the most-wanted members of Saddam Hussein's government. 2003.

Know your deplorables 2017

Know your deplorables

Photographs of political and media figures associated with the Presidency of Donald Trump (2017-2021).

Le Régime Bush 2003

Le Régime Bush

“Le Régime Bush” anti-war playing cards designed by Thierry Meyssan, France, 2003.

Liberated: America's Most Unwanted 2003

Liberated: America's Most Unwanted

“Liberated: America's Most Unwanted” playing cards published in support of the Iraqi War, c.2003.

Not the Iraqi Most Wanted playing cards 2004

Not the Iraqi Most Wanted playing cards

Fifty-five Irish heroes and villains, some ancient but mostly modern.

Operation Hidden Agenda 2003

Operation Hidden Agenda

“Operation Hidden Agenda” playing cards designed by Kathy Eder, USA, 2003.

Operation Iraqi Freedom playing cards 2003

Operation Iraqi Freedom playing cards

Operation Iraqi Freedom: U.S. Military heroes playing cards, 2003.

Regime Change Begins at Home 2003

Regime Change Begins at Home

“Regime Change Begins at Home” playing cards designed by Noel Douglas, c. 2003.

Republican Chickenhawks of America 2003

Republican Chickenhawks of America

“Republican Chickenhawks of America” playing cards by Jerry A. Vasilatos, USA, 2003.

Stacked Deck 2003

Stacked Deck

“Stacked Deck” business caricature playing cards, USA, c. 2003.

The Bush House of Cards 2004

The Bush House of Cards

“The Bush House of Cards” with artwork by John G. Doherty, 2004.

Try’em playing cards 2003

Try’em playing cards

Try’em: the U.S. Regime Change, or “52 Most Wanted Criminals” c. 2003.

United Nations of Weasels 2003

United Nations of Weasels

“United Nations of Weasels” anti-war political playing cards, USA, 2003.

Wall Street Most Wanted 2003

Wall Street Most Wanted

“Wall Street Most Wanted” playing cards, USA, 2003.

War Party playing cards 2003

War Party playing cards

War Party playing cards, in opposition to the Iraq War, USA, 2003.