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Army Playing Cards

Army Playing Cards

Army-themed playing cards are decks designed with images and information related to the armed forces and are mainly used for educational or entertainment purposes. They typically feature Army-related imagery such as soldiers, military vehicles and equipment, and may include rank insignia and other symbols associated with Army life.

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Anma US Armed Forces 1942

Anma US Armed Forces

Anma US Armed Forces, 1942.

Army Health Promotion 2011

Army Health Promotion

Health Promotion playing cards issued by the British Army with cartoons about army life and information on where to get health advice.

Army No.303 1881

Army No.303

The Joker is particularly persuasive, whilst the Ace of Spades has a battle scene involving artillery, with Navy ships in the distance and the statue of the goddess of Freedom in the middle.



ARRCO Playing Card Co., Chicago, c.1935 - 1987, when acquired by USPCC.

Bavarian Military Cards 1880

Bavarian Military Cards

The King of Acorns is supposed to represent Prince Otto; the King of Leaves is Maximilian II; the King of Bells is Ludwig II; the King of Hearts is Ludwig I wearing a general's uniform.

EPCS August 1999 Newsletter

EPCS August 1999 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS May 1998 Newsletter

EPCS May 1998 Newsletter Members Only

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EPCS November 1991 Newsletter

EPCS November 1991 Newsletter Members Only

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Ministry of Emergency Situations 2002

Ministry of Emergency Situations

Emergency response playing cards published by the Kombinat Tsvetnoi Pechati (Colour Printing Combine), St Petersburg, 2002.

Ordnance Recognition

Ordnance Recognition

Ordnance Recognition Playing Cards cards designed to help people at risk from unexploded bombs

Paris pattern for WWII troops 1939

Paris pattern for WWII troops

Wartime edition of standard designs with fewer colours, a special back design and an overprint.

Salute! 1940


Salute! The Four Services promotion game by John Jaques & Son Ltd, London, c.1940.

Tarot des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris

Tarot des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris

Tarot des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris, a French Fire Brigade tarot deck published by Éditions Dusserre.