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Wartime Playing Cards

Wartime Playing Cards

Wartime playing cards and card games are those that were produced during times of war and were often designed with patriotic themes or propaganda messages. They were distributed to soldiers and civilians alike and served as a form of entertainment and morale booster during times of conflict. Wartime playing cards often feature images of military leaders, soldiers and patriotic symbols, such as national flags or eagles.

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26th Yankee Division 1933

26th Yankee Division

“26th Yankee Division Playing Cards” was designed by Alban B. Butler, Jr and printed by the Press of the Woolly Whale, New York, in 1933.

Alfreds Scwedrevitz 1936

Alfreds Scwedrevitz

This pack was issued during wartime, in 1936, under the name “Latvian Red Cross Cards No.7”.

Anheuser-Busch Army & Navy 1900

Anheuser-Busch Army & Navy

This deck is commonly known as the “Anheuser-Busch Spanish-American War deck”, issued at the end of the war.

Anma US Armed Forces 1942

Anma US Armed Forces

Anma US Armed Forces, 1942.

Anonymous pack of Dutch playing cards 1945

Anonymous pack of Dutch playing cards

produced just after the end of the Second World War.

Anti-Fascist cards, 1943 1943

Anti-Fascist cards, 1943

Satirical Anti-Fascist cards designed in 1943 by Ivan Ivanovich Kharkevich.

Anti-Fascist Propaganda Pack for the Siege of Leningrad, 1942 1942

Anti-Fascist Propaganda Pack for the Siege of Leningrad, 1942

In 1942 a pack of ‘anti-fascist’ playing cards was designed by Vasiliy Andrianovich Vlasov mocking the rulers of Germany and the Axis powers.

Anti-Napoleon 1815


Deck from the liberation war against Napoleon, c.1815.

Army & Navy

Army & Navy

Andrew Dougherty’s Army & Navy deck from the Civil War era, c.1865.

Atouts de la Vie 1940

Atouts de la Vie

“Atouts de la Vie” wartime card game created by Madame Lucien Willemetz, c.1940.

Black Peter, c.1940

Black Peter, c.1940

Black Peter card deck for children printed in Riga during World War II, believed to have been designed by a Latvian artist.

Bon Gout No.11 with Crimean War aces 1860

Bon Gout No.11 with Crimean War aces

Made by Mesmaekers & Moentack of Turnhout.

Chocolate playing cards with scenes from World War 1 1920

Chocolate playing cards with scenes from World War 1

An extraordinary Spanish pack of chocolate advertising playing cards dating from 1920.

Churchill in WW2

Churchill in WW2

Churchill ‘Walking with Destiny’ playing cards published by the Imperial War Museum.

Civil Unrest Playing Cards 2014

Civil Unrest Playing Cards

A deck of cards inspired by the American Civil War, featuring leaders, army generals, President Abraham Lincoln and other characters from this historical period.

Convoy 1940


“Convoy” WW2 card game published by Tree Brand c.1940, based on wartime naval convoys.

England Expects 1940

England Expects

‘England Expects’ card game published by Pepys Games in 1940.

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