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Anti-Napoleon 1815


Deck from the liberation war against Napoleon, c.1815.

Baraja Napoleónica 1991

Baraja Napoleónica

Re-edition of a French-suited Spanish pack from the Napoleonic era, with designs by J. Carrafa.

Jeu Bonaparte 1978

Jeu Bonaparte

Jeu Bonaparte depicting the extended family of Napoleon Bonaparte, France, 1978

Jeu de Cartes Napoléon 1969

Jeu de Cartes Napoléon

Deck created by Matéja celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of Napoleon (1769-1969)

Jeu des Drapeaux c.1816 1816

Jeu des Drapeaux c.1816

“Jeu des Drapeaux” commemorating Napoleon’s greatest battles, c.1816.

Napoleone playing cards 1971

Napoleone playing cards

Long, narrow cards designed by Osvaldo Menegazzi, featuring Napoleon, Josephine and various soldiers.

Napoleonské karty 2004

Napoleonské karty

“Napoleonské karty” from the Czech Republic portraying monarchs and emperors.