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Cartes Turques 1985

Cartes Turques

"Cartes Turques" was published in 1985. Intricate designs with a hint of orientalism, double borders and distinctive pips.

Cartes Turques Patience 1991

Cartes Turques Patience

Derived from “Cartes Turques” first made by Glanz, then later by van Genechten, Brepols & Piatnik. 3 double-ended dragon Aces and one Adam/Eve Ace with a coiled serpent.

EPCS October 2004 Newsletter

EPCS October 2004 Newsletter Members Only

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Japanesque 1900


Goodall’s “Japanesque” brand was used for stationery products since around 1880 but these playing cards were added to the range in around 1900.

Karl Gerich No. 25: “Great Mogul” 1988

Karl Gerich No. 25: “Great Mogul”

'Great Mogul' branded playing cards designed and produced by Karl Gerich.

Oriental Scenes tarock 1880

Oriental Scenes tarock

Trumps have oriental scenes on one end of the card, and mermaids, mermen, assorted sea serpents and monsters on the other end.

Secretos de Oriente 1991

Secretos de Oriente

Secrets of the Far East playing cards featuring the designs of Violeta Monreal , Spain, c. 1991.

Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights (1001 Nights Tarot) 2005

Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights (1001 Nights Tarot)

This tarot deck captures the idealised Eastern world's magic from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, blending traditional archetypes with mystery and romantic allure. It celebrates the legendary Scheherazade and Eastern mysticism.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

One of a series of sumptuous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express playing cards produced by B.P. Grimaud for the VSOE gift collection. The 3/4 length court cards depict people in Oriental costumes.

World Bridge 1953

World Bridge

‘World Bridge’ produced by Modiano in Trieste, Italy, since around 1950.