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Asociart promotional playing cards, Argentina, 2000

Asociart Insurance promotional playing cards, Argentina, 2000.

Asociart promotional playing cards, Argentina, 2000 2000


Belisha, published by Castell Brothers Ltd (Pepys Games) in 1937, was produced with a desire to make a helpful contribution to the national Safety First campaign.

Belisha 1937

BG Bouw Building Company

BG Bouw Dutch Building Company publicity deck manufactured by Carta Mundi, c.1980.

BG Bouw Building Company 1980


Health & Safety playing cards designed as a teaching aid to improve safety standards in the workplace


Creciendo Seguros

‘Creciendo Seguros’ road safety awareness playing cards from Argentina, 2006.

Creciendo Seguros 2006

Educación Vial

Educación Vial (Road Safety) card game published by H. Fournier, 1995.

Educación Vial 1995

Geprüfte Sicherheit

Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Accident Research, 1978

Geprüfte Sicherheit 1978

Ordnance Recognition

Ordnance Recognition Playing Cards cards designed to help people at risk from unexploded bombs

Ordnance Recognition

Play it Safe

“Play it Safe” health & safety playing cards.

Play it Safe

Round Britain

Round Britain card game published by Pepys Games, 1955.

Round Britain 1955

Safety First

Safety First card game embodying the Kerb Drill, published by John Jaques & Son Ltd, 1940s.

Safety First 1940

Survival Playing Cards

Survival Playing Cards for outdoor emergencies by Environs Inc. 1974.

Survival Playing Cards

Verkeers Kwartet

Verkeers Kwartet by Nederlandse Spellenfabriek BV, Amsterdam, 1965.

Verkeers Kwartet 1965

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