detail of Joker from Belisha published by Castell Brothers Ltd (Pepys Games), 1937 Pepys Games

Belisha card game

Published by Castell Brothers Ltd, 1937

Belisha was published as a new and improved form of the universally popular game of Rummy, offering “more scope for intelligent play”. Based around a motor journey from London to Oban, Belisha was produced with a desire to make a helpful contribution to the national “Safety First” campaign following the introduction of ‘Belisha’ beacons, designed to reduce road casualties, particularly among children. By 1951 the black and white stripes, with Belisha beacons on either side of the road, were approved as ‘Zebra’ crossings. See the Box

Belisha published by Castell Brothers Ltd (Pepys Games), 1937

Above: 'Belisha' first published by Castell Brothers Ltd (Pepys Games) in 1937. The cards have period illustrations highlighting safety in motoring situations. The game was named after Leslie Hore-Belisha, the Minister for Transport who introduced yellow flashing lights on black & white striped poles (Belisha Beacons) at Zebra Crossings.

Belisha advertisements:   “A Game of Thrills” & “Safety First”

Belisha advertisements Belisha published by Castell Brothers Ltd (Pepys Games), 1937
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