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American President Lines 1953

American President Lines

American President Lines shipping souvenir playing cards, early to mid-1950s.

Austrian Lloyd Steamship Company 1895

Austrian Lloyd Steamship Company

Possibly one of the most beautiful decks produced for commercial purposes, this was printed by Modiano for the Austrian Lloyd Steamship Company of Trieste in c.1895

Cartes à Jouer Héron

Cartes à Jouer Héron

Promotional decks by Héron.

Compagnie Maritime des Chargeurs Réunis 1975

Compagnie Maritime des Chargeurs Réunis

French navigators and explorers on a promotional pack for the C.M.C.R shipping company.

Convoy 1940


“Convoy” WW2 card game published by Tree Brand c.1940, based on wartime naval convoys.

De La Rue 1932-1933 Sample Book of Advertising cards 1933

De La Rue 1932-1933 Sample Book of Advertising cards

Complete contents of a sample book of advertising cards by De La Rue

Deutfracht Seereederei Rostock II 1988

Deutfracht Seereederei Rostock II

Maritime deck designed by Klaus Ensikat for Deutsche Seereederei Rostock, GDR.

Dietsche Playing Cards for the Dutch Shipping Company 1909

Dietsche Playing Cards for the Dutch Shipping Company

A beautiful early pack from The Dutch Playing Card factory.

EPCS August 1992 Newsletter

EPCS August 1992 Newsletter Members Only

Cutty Sark • 50th Anniversary of the Award of the George Cross to the Island of Malta • W.D. & H.O. Will • Harry Lauder Snap • ABC Happy Families by Spears • Tower of London • Clan Tartan • EPCS 10th Anniversary Transformation Pack • Karl Gerich • HARP Beer Mat

EPCS February 2004 Newsletter

EPCS February 2004 Newsletter Members Only

Plucking the Goose • Lake District • Blanche Handler • Moods And Faces • Nelson Bicentenary - Worshipful • Face Card Lithography • The Power Deck • Grand Slam • Buying and Selling on Internet • Nederland Shipping Line • Netley Abbey & Castle • WCMPC Ephemera • Irish Heroic Pack • Card Sharpers And Their Work • Golf • Orchestra Cards • Stationer Adverts • De La Rue’s Works • Burlesque Heraldry & Earl of Stair • Gardening Snap • Cutler’s Trust • Military Manoeuvres

EPCS January 1985 Newsletter

EPCS January 1985 Newsletter Members Only

The Jack of Diamonds • The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards • Beautiful Britain (part two) • Shaw Savill Shipping • Sporting Card Games Part I: Rugby Union • The 1934 Test Series • Ephemera • Two Packs by Thomas Creswick

EPCS May 1988 Newsletter

EPCS May 1988 Newsletter Members Only

Royal Air Force • Fortune Telling Card • Hunts Playing Card Manufacturers • KAN-U-GO • Unstamped Cards-Waste Cards-Toy Cards • William Phenomenon • SNAP (Part 3) • Shipping Line • Waddington Five Suit Bridge • Collecting Theme: Whisky Distillers • Cosmos Lamps

EPCS May 1991 Newsletter

EPCS May 1991 Newsletter Members Only

Royal Residence: Buckingham Palace • Alf Cooke and Universal • Rupert Bear • SPELIT Lyon's Tea • Steamship SS Great Britain • 1980 & 1981 Worshipful Company Packs • CWS SNAP • Thomas De La Rue • OXO • Primrose Day • Harrods • Tonic to the Nation • The Festival of Britain 1951

EPCS November 1987 Newsletter

EPCS November 1987 Newsletter Members Only

Waddington Festive Season 1980 pack • The Background Story of 'Q' Playing Cards • Rhymes about Royalty or The Comical Court Card (Part 2) • Courtenay Edward Maxwell Pollock & Louis Wain • English Standard Card Manufacturers (Part 4) Joseph Hunt & Son • Card Games for Vanity Fair • A Dickens Mystery • An Early 'Animal Grab' Game • Wider than Wide • P&O 150 Years Anniversary • Olympic Caricature Snap • Naval, Military and Aircraft Packs • Special Christmas 1926 Supplement • Peeps into the Past for Boots.

EPCS November 1988 Newsletter

EPCS November 1988 Newsletter Members Only

History of The Olympic Games • Lexicon • Collecting Theme: Whisky Distillers • Cosmos Happy Families • Joseph Revnolds & Sons • Happy Couples by H.A. Mullord Bros • Kings and Queens of England Misfitz • Samples of De la Rue and price lists • 50th Anniversary of RAF SNAP • P&O Steamship 'CHINA' • Culbertsons Own Self Teaching Playing cards for Contract Bridge

EPCS November 1990 Newsletter

EPCS November 1990 Newsletter Members Only

Cunard Shipping Line • Isle of Man • 1982 & 1983 Worshipful Company Pack • Hignett Bros • Circular • SNAP • WW1 • Deakins Political • Thomas De La Rue • FLEETS of Liverpool Happy Families • Noddy

EPCS September 1984 Newsletter

EPCS September 1984 Newsletter Members Only

De La Rue Trade Marks • Six Artists • The King of Diamonds • P&O • Historical Games

Gdynia-America Line 1958

Gdynia-America Line

Non-standard playing cards produced by Artex (Budapest) for the Gdynia-America Line, Poland, c.1958.

Historic Ships

Historic Ships

“Historic Ships” quartet game from Czechoslovakia illustrated by Jaromír Vraštil.

M/S Kronprins Harald

M/S Kronprins Harald

Souvenir of Jahre Line Ferry M/S Kronprins Harald