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Souvenir Playing Cards

Souvenir Playing Cards

Tourist souvenir playing cards depict the aesthetic, political, social and economic conceptions of the countries to which they belong. They feature beauty spots, local customs, gastronomy, historic ruins or other attractions.

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Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon 2008

Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon

Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon: 52 pictures of Bhutan published by Knowledgecards.

Borna Skat 1990

Borna Skat

Publicity pack for the Saxon town of Borna, with designs by Andreas Wachter.

Braşov County, Romania 2017

Braşov County, Romania

Souvenir pack featuring fortresses, museums, traditions, folk costumes, flora and fauna of Braşov County.

Brazil Pictorial Aces 1920

Brazil Pictorial Aces

Genoese pattern with Pictorial Aces for Brazil by Brepols, Turnhout, c.1920.

Brazil Scenic Aces 1890

Brazil Scenic Aces

C. L. Wüst Scenic Aces for Brazil.

British Columbia Souvenir 1905

British Columbia Souvenir

British Columbia Souvenir Playing Cards by The Clarke and Stuart Company

Budapest souvenir 2005

Budapest souvenir

Colour views of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, on all the courts and Aces.

Bulgaria Souvenir

Bulgaria Souvenir

Bulgaria Souvenir by Land of Roses Ltd.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Gold plated souvenir playing cards from the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai.

California souvenir playing cards 1898

California souvenir playing cards

California souvenir playing cards, USA, 1898 and 1907.

Canadian National Railways 1927

Canadian National Railways

Canadian National Railways souvenir deck, dated to 1927. Every card is gilt edged, and carries a different photograph of Canada.

Canary Islands Souvenir 1970

Canary Islands Souvenir

Canary Islands Souvenir by Heraclio Fournier, c.1970.

Cape Wrath 2010

Cape Wrath

Images from the Ministry of Defence Cape Wrath Training Centre, Sutherland, Scotland. Published 2010.

Carte da Gioco Toscana 2002

Carte da Gioco Toscana

Carte da Gioco Toscana souvenir deck, 2002.

Carte Giganti Siciliane 2010

Carte Giganti Siciliane

Gigantic souvenir pack combining traditional Sicilian pattern cards with photographic views.

Century of Progress 1933

Century of Progress

‘Century of Progress’ Exposition playing cards produced by Western Playing Card Company, USA, 1933.

Cities of Art - Naples

Cities of Art - Naples

Striking views of Naples, photography by Cesare Gerolimetto, produced by Dal Negro.

Ciudad de Quito

Ciudad de Quito

Pack of souvenir playing cards made in Quito, Ecuador, featuring black & white photographs depicting Ecuador as one of the great nations on Earth

Columbian Exposition Souvenir 1893

Columbian Exposition Souvenir

Columbian Exposition Souvenir playing cards, G.W. Clark, Chicago, 1893.

Conseil Général de la Somme 1985

Conseil Général de la Somme

Famous people and places of the Somme department in northern France, with designs by James Hodges.