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90 Minutes Playing Cards 1993

90 Minutes Playing Cards

90 Minutes Playing Cards by IPC Magazines 1993.

Alabama Crimson Tide 1972 1972

Alabama Crimson Tide 1972

Photos of American football players representing the University of Alabama in 1972.

Angler Skat 1981

Angler Skat

Angler Skat manufactured by VEB Altenburg, c.1981

Animal Aid playing cards

Animal Aid playing cards

Animal Aid playing cards with anti-shooting cartoons created by Steve Hutton.

Armchair Cricket 1983

Armchair Cricket

Armchair Cricket by ex-professional County Cricket player Don Arnold was first marketed by Norfolk House Enterprises in 1983.

Artball playing cards 1972

Artball playing cards

Artball playing cards created by Don Celender, USA, 1972.

Ataque 1958


“Ataque”, a card game simulating football manufactured in Buenos Aires by Vigor S.R.L., 1958.

Aventuras de Sport-Billy 1981

Aventuras de Sport-Billy

The Adventures of Sport-Billy by H. Fournier, 1981.

Badische Spielkartenfabrik

Badische Spielkartenfabrik

Sports-themed playing cards published by Badische Spielkartenfabrik, Baden, c.1930

Baraja Boxeo 1930

Baraja Boxeo

Baraja de Boxeo, c.1930.

Baraja de Futbol Mundial-82 1981

Baraja de Futbol Mundial-82

A 1982 World Cup commemoration pack by Heráldica Castanyer from Spain with non-standard suits.

Barajitas Futbolísticas Golazo, 1973 1973

Barajitas Futbolísticas Golazo, 1973

Figuritas Golazo collectible football cards from Argentina, 1973.

Bicycle Negro League Baseball Museum 2012

Bicycle Negro League Baseball Museum

Bicycle Negro League Baseball Museum souvenir playing cards, USA, 2012.

BMW Promo Top Trumps 2012

BMW Promo Top Trumps

BMW Promo Top Trumps produced as a promotion for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Boxing Greats 2019

Boxing Greats

Boxing Greats published by KickarseCards, a compilation of boxing icons in history.

Brooks dna playing cards

Brooks dna playing cards

Brooks dna playing cards produced by Gemaco for Brooks running shoes.

Calcio Storico Fiorentino 1978

Calcio Storico Fiorentino

‘Calcio Storico Fiorentino’ by Costante Costantini is based on an early form of football that originated during the Middle Ages in Italy.

Card Golf 1960

Card Golf

Card Golf published by Pepys Games, c.1960.

Carte da Gioco Mongolfiere 2000

Carte da Gioco Mongolfiere

Various hot-air balloons on a pack from a small Florentine publisher.

Centennial Olympic Games playing cards 1993

Centennial Olympic Games playing cards

Centennial Olympic Games playing cards celebrating the centenary of the modern Olympic Games, 1896-1996.