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90 Minutes Playing Cards

90 Minutes Playing Cards by IPC Magazines 1993.

90 Minutes Playing Cards

Angler Skat

Angler Skat manufactured by VEB Altenburg, c.1981

Angler Skat 1981

Armchair Cricket

Armchair Cricket by ex-professional County Cricket player Don Arnold was first marketed by Norfolk House Enterprises in 1983.

Armchair Cricket 1983


“Ataque”, a card game simulating football manufactured in Buenos Aires by Vigor S.R.L., 1958.

Ataque 1958

Aventuras de Sport-Billy

The Adventures of Sport-Billy by H. Fournier, 1981.

Aventuras de Sport-Billy 1981

Badische Spielkartenfabrik

Sports-themed playing cards published by Badische Spielkartenfabrik, Baden, c.1930

Badische Spielkartenfabrik

Baraja Boxeo

Baraja de Boxeo, c.1930.

Baraja Boxeo 1930

Barajitas Futbolísticas Golazo, 1973

Figuritas Golazo collectible football cards from Argentina, 1973.

Barajitas Futbolísticas Golazo, 1973 1973

BMW Promo Top Trumps

BMW Promo Top Trumps produced as a promotion for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

BMW Promo Top Trumps 2012

Boxing Greats

Boxing Greats published by KickarseCards, a compilation of boxing icons in history.

Boxing Greats 2019

Card Golf

Card Golf published by Pepys Games, c.1960.

Card Golf 1960

Chad Valley ‘Sporting Snap’ c.1895

Chad Valley ‘Sporting Snap’ card game designed by Max Pollock c.1895.

Chad Valley ‘Sporting Snap’ c.1895 1895

Club Nacional de Football, Uruguay

100th anniversary of the Club Nacional de Football, Uruguay, 1999.

Club Nacional de Football, Uruguay 1999

Corrida de Toros

Bull fighting card game publshed by Naipes Comas, 1969.

Corrida de Toros 1969


“Crickette” card game manufactured by Woolley & Co., London, c.1890.

Crickette 1890

D’Ye Ken John Peel

“D’Ye Ken John Peel” by Greta Games, Carlisle, c.1920.

D’Ye Ken John Peel 1920

Deportistas Guipuzcoanos

Guipuzcoa’s best athletes of the twentieth century, playing cards sponsored by El Diario Vasco and Euskaltel, manufactured by Heraclio Fournier, 1999.

Deportistas Guipuzcoanos 1999


‘Derby’ card game from Czechoslovakia.


Derby Day

Derby Day race game published by Parker Games’ English subsidiary at Ivy Lane, London, from 1908 to around 1920.

Derby Day

Desafio Football Caricatures

“Desafio” playing cards with football player caricatures, c.2000

Desafio Football Caricatures 2000

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