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68: Playing cards in glass

68: Playing cards in glass

My wife and I have recently commissioned a unique pair of stained glass windows for our home.

Bicycle Stained glass playing cards 2018

Bicycle Stained glass playing cards

Bicycle Stained glass playing cards adorned as multi-coloured stained glass, USA, c. 2018.

Crystal Time 1994

Crystal Time

Colourful and attractive designs by Violeta Monreal, inspired by stained glass through the ages.

Ethiopian 1970


Ethiopian playing cards designed for the Ethiopian Tourist Organization by Afewerk Teklé.

Jeu “Gerente” 1983

Jeu “Gerente”

Jeu “Gerente” - published by Moncar in 1983 in the “Cartes de Fantaisie” series.

Jugendstil Art Nouveau Bridge 1980

Jugendstil Art Nouveau Bridge

“Jugendstil Art Nouveau” Bridge Nr.2136 published by Piatnik, 1980.

Revelation Playing Cards

Revelation Playing Cards

“Revelation” playing cards illustrated by Michael Messer

Vitrail‒Bridge, 1991 1991

Vitrail‒Bridge, 1991

Playing cards inspired by stained glass, designed by Gertrud Kümpel-Amsler, 1991.