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Farmall playing cards 2015

Farmall playing cards

Farmall playing cards advertising International Harvester tractors, USA, c.2015.

Flight 1954


Flight card game published by Pepys, 1954.



The State Automobile Inspection of Russian Federal Road Safety Service.

Garuda Indonesia 1990

Garuda Indonesia

Souvenir playing cards from Garuda Indonesia Airlines, the national airline of Indonesia.

Gas Shortages 1979

Gas Shortages

Screenprint designs on an ever-topical subject, designed and made by Sallie Chinkes, 1979.

Geschichte des Motorrades 1989

Geschichte des Motorrades

History of Motorcycles quartet published by Verlag für Lehrmittel Pößneck, 1989.

Highway Travel 1960

Highway Travel

Highway Travel card game by Warren Paper Products, c.1960s.

Hurry-Up Misfitz 1907

Hurry-Up Misfitz

Faulkner's “Hurry-Up Misfitz”, with some fine illustrations of vintage methods of transportation, was designed by George Lambert, c.1907

Industrial Bank of Japan 1972

Industrial Bank of Japan

Advertising pack designed by Yukio Hohri for The Industrial Bank of Japan.

Kawasaki Trump 1971

Kawasaki Trump

Humorous publicity pack for Kawasaki featuring some of their many products.

Le Progrès de la Circulation 1933

Le Progrès de la Circulation

The beautiful images in this quartet game published by Jeux Spear in 1933 depict the progress of transport and travel since early times up til the 1930s.

Legendary Harley-Davidson 1995

Legendary Harley-Davidson

Legendary Harley-Davidson Playing Cards, c.1995.

Les Moyens de Locomotion Insolites 1984

Les Moyens de Locomotion Insolites

Unlikely, ridiculous or just plain impossible means of transport, drawn by Hubert Rublon.

Lobo 1932


Lobo, the London Underground card game published by Thomas De la Rue & Co Ltd, 1930s.

Mercedes-Benz Skat 1988

Mercedes-Benz Skat

Classy-looking designs by Monika Dostler for a manufacturer of posh cars.

Michelin Tyres 1970

Michelin Tyres

Michelin Tyres playing cards by Waddingtons, c.1970.

Motor Handicap 1920

Motor Handicap

‘The Motor Handicap’ card game published by Philpott & Co. Ltd, Surbiton, 1920s.

Motoveteráni 2012


‘Motoveteráni’ playing cards featuring the photographs of Robert Sobčák, Czech Republic,

National Railway Museum 1993

National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum with drawings by Stuart Black, United Kingdom, 1993.

Night & Day playing cards

Night & Day playing cards

‘Night & Day’ playing cards produced by London Underground, United Kingdom