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Playing cards and wine have been two culturally significant pastimes that have been enjoyed by people for centuries. Since medieval times, playing cards have been a symbol of leisure, socialisation and competition, while wine has been similarly revered as a beverage of celebration, communion and refinement. The combination of these two has produced some great card designs, reflecting the tastes and styles of different eras and regions.

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Akadama Honey Wine by Nintendo 1970

Akadama Honey Wine by Nintendo

Suntory Akadama Honey Wine playing cards manufactured by Nintendo, Japan, c.1970.

Austrian Wine 1965

Austrian Wine

Skat deck for Austria’s excellent wines, Österreichischer Weinwirtschaftsfonds, c.1965

Beaujolais je t’aime …

Beaujolais je t’aime …

Pack promoting Beaujolais wine published by Editions du Nuton, France.

Bodegas Trapiche 1998

Bodegas Trapiche

Promotional playing cards produced for Bodegas Trapiche, designed to play Quartet games by collecting a wine bottle card with four matching glasses.

Capel Vinos 2001

Capel Vinos

Advertising playing cards for Capel Vinos S.A., manufactured by Naipes Comas, 2001.

Chaudsoleil Wine

Chaudsoleil Wine

Chaudsoleil Red Wine advertising playing cards from Morocco.

Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico 1976

Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico

Promotional pack for Chianti Classico wine, with designs by Costante Costantini.

Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals 1998

Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals

Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals, c.1998 & Bodegas Trapiche, 2003.

Red & White Wine playing cards 2003

Red & White Wine playing cards

Red & White Wine playing cards published by Inkstone Design, USA, 2003.

Washington Wine 2004

Washington Wine

Washington Wine illustrated playing cards, USA, 2004.

Wine Labels & Chocolate Biscuits 2022

Wine Labels & Chocolate Biscuits

‘Pinta en Copas’ playing card-themed wine labels sold at Día Supermarkets.

Wisdom of Wine

Wisdom of Wine

Wisdom of Wine playing cards by the English illustrator Simon Drew.