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Baraja del Camino de Santiago 2018

Baraja del Camino de Santiago

Designs by Guitián, published by Ideas Peregrinas, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, c2018.

Cartes Illustrées 2016

Cartes Illustrées

Standard French designs adapted for children. Made by France Cartes for La Grande Récré, c.2016.



Eurotrotter by La Ducale, c.1980s.

France, Champions du Monde 2018 2018

France, Champions du Monde 2018

Colour photographs of the World Cup-winning French football squad of 2018.

Jeu de la Révolution 1989

Jeu de la Révolution

Artist Silvia Maddonni’s take on various characters from the French Revolution, in honour of the bicentenary in 1989.

Jeu de Tarot Astérix 1997

Jeu de Tarot Astérix

A French Tarot game pack with Astérix and friends on all the trump cards.

Jeu Mythologique

Jeu Mythologique

“Jeu Mythologique” facsimile 18th century pack by J M Simon, 1983.

Jeu Tour de France 89 (Domex) 1989

Jeu Tour de France 89 (Domex)

Cyclists from the Domex-Weinmann team who took part in the 1989 Tour de France.

Le Bossu de Notre-Dame 1988

Le Bossu de Notre-Dame

“Le Bossu de Notre-Dame” families card game published by Ducale (France Cartes), c.1998.

Le Jeu des 4 Opéras 1989

Le Jeu des 4 Opéras

Characters from five famous operas brought alive in artist Silvia Maddonni’s inimitable style.

Les Montgolfières 1783-1983 1983

Les Montgolfières 1783-1983

Honouring the bicentenary of the Montgolfier brothers’ first balloon flights in 1783.

Les Moyens de Locomotion Insolites 1984

Les Moyens de Locomotion Insolites

Unlikely, ridiculous or just plain impossible means of transport, drawn by Hubert Rublon.

Marché 7 Familles

Marché 7 Familles

“Marché 7 Familles” Happy Families card game published by France Cartes

Marionnettes Wayang 1985

Marionnettes Wayang

Striking Wayang puppet designs conceived by Youdi des Aubrys from Indonesia, 1985.

Tarot de l’An 2000 1981

Tarot de l’An 2000

“Tarot de l’An 2000” designed by Pino Zac, 1981, satirising 20th century life.