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Justo Rodero e Hijos

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Fours of Cups

Fours of Cups

Over the years the company evolved, and changes in the company's name and address can be seen reflected in the information printed on the four of cups.

Justo Rodero e Hijos

Justo Rodero e Hijos

Justo Rodero e Hijos, playing card manufacturer in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Naipes Casino 1955

Naipes Casino

Naipes Casino Estilo Español Spanish suited playing cards manufactured by Justo Rodero.

Naipes Casino “Poker” 1960

Naipes Casino “Poker”

Justo Rodero produced standard Anglo-American style playing cards, usually with the courts printed in red / black / yellow.

Naipes Casino Celuplastic 1967

Naipes Casino Celuplastic

Justo Rodero produced plastic coated playing cards with the trade mark 'Celuplastic'. Apart from the different box design and four of cups, in all other respects packs were the same as their regular 'Naipes Casino' brand.

Naipes Casino Estilo Argentino 1950

Naipes Casino Estilo Argentino

Naipes Casino Estilo Argentino by Justo Rodero with Gaucho suit symbols: the mate gourd, the sun, "facón" and gaucho club (palo borracho).

Naipes Habana 1960

Naipes Habana

"Naipes Habana" Spanish-suited playing cards manufactured by Justo Rodero e Hijos S.R.L., with the date 1960 printed on the control slip.