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Baraja Edad Media 1993

Baraja Edad Media

Baraja Edad Media, fantasy Spanish-suited medieval playing cards published Mas-Reynals, Barcelona, 1993. Designed by M. Malé and illustrated by V. Maza.

Catalan Playing Cards

Catalan Playing Cards

With a distinct history stretching back to the early middle ages, many Catalans think of themselves as a separate nation from the rest of Spain.

Mas Reynals - Varitemas S.L. 1989

Mas Reynals - Varitemas S.L.

Mas-Reynals was founded in 1989 by Miguel Mas Reynals. Since 2003 the firm trades as Varitemas S.L.

Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern 1999

Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern

Mas-Reynals standard Catalan pattern comes in several slightly different versions.