Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern

Mas-Reynals (founded 1989) standard Catalan pattern comes in several slightly different versions.

Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern No.201, 1999

Above: Mas-Reynals standard Catalan Pattern No.201 (re-drawn from previous version), 48 cards + 2 jokers, 1999

Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern, 1996

Above: Mas-Reynals standard Catalan Pattern, 48 cards + 2 jokers, 1996. There is a printing error on the seven of cups.

Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern, 2001 Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern, 2001

Above: Mas-Reynals standard Catalan Pattern, 40 cards, 2001

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