Mas Reynals - Varitemas S.L.

Mas Reynals Naipes was founded by Miguel Mas Reynals in Barcelona in 1989. Earlier decks have the name ‘Mas-Reynals’, but since 2003 the firm trades as ‘Varitemas S.L’ producing or importing a range of manufactured items including English or Spanish-suited playing cards, souvenir, novelty, miniature and children's card games.

Standard Catalan Pattern

Mas-Reynals standard Catalan Pattern

Above: Mas-Reynals standard Catalan Pattern comes in several slightly different versions  more

Standard Castilian Pattern

Naipe Español, 2003

Above: Naipe Español, 2003

Baraja Edad Media

Baraja Edad Media, 1993

Above: Baraja Edad Media, 1993  more


Standard Anglo-american Pattern


Above: Varitemas standard anglo-american pattern as seen in a Souvenir deck, c.2012.

Varitemas Poker 209, c.2012 Varitemas Poker 209, c.2012

Above: Varitemas standard anglo-american courts as seen in “Poker 209”, c.2012. The courts are a copy of a common USPC design, and the cards are physically manufactured in China. Varitemas S.L. is the new trading name of Mas Reynals (Barcelona). Images courtesy Matt Probert.

Varitemas Poker 209, c.2012
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