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Bolzani e Spagnolo 1977

Bolzani e Spagnolo

Stylish monochrome designs by the Archinstudio of Guido Bolzani and Gian-Piero Spagnolo, printed by Masenghini, Bergamo, Italy, 1977.

Cuccù 1979


Cuccù or Cucco, an ancient Italian card game, published by Masenghini, 1979.

Florentine Pattern

Florentine Pattern

Originally one of several designs which emerged during the nineteenth century, the Florentine pattern has several distinctive features.

Gruppo Perotti playing cards 1979

Gruppo Perotti playing cards

Stunningly beautiful designs by the Japanese artist Tiger Tateishi for Gruppo Perotti.

Sicilian Pattern

Sicilian Pattern

The Sicilian pack has a similar composition to the Neapolitan pack, and is small and squat in appearance.

The Circus 1980

The Circus

“The Circus” playing cards with artwork by Max Dissar and Rita Rielle, published by Masenghini, Bergamo, c.1980.