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150 Years of Czechoslovakian Railways 1989

150 Years of Czechoslovakian Railways

Czech trains and railwayana from 1839 to 1989, made by Obchodní Tiskárny, Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Bohemian Pattern 1970

Bohemian Pattern

The Bohemian Pattern, sometimes called the Prager Pattern, has roots in the 16th century.

Budweiser Budvar beer 1985

Budweiser Budvar beer

Colourful designs promoting Budweiser Budvar beer from Czechoslovakia.

Casino No.240

Casino No.240

Piatnik-Ritter No.240 - Obchodní Tiskárny Casino No.240.

Castles Quartet

Castles Quartet

“Castles” Quartet Illustrated by Vladimir Kovářík.

Čierny Peter

Čierny Peter

Four themed ‘Čierny Peter’ card games by Obchodní Tiskărny.

ČZ playing cards 1965

ČZ playing cards

Advertising pack for the Czechoslovak motorcycle factory Česká Zbrojovka.

Czech Patience Cards 1954

Czech Patience Cards

Patience size playing cards published by Obchodni Tiskarny of Prague, under the brand “Casino”, with cartoon courts in the style of wood engravings.

Dvouhlavé Hrací Karty 1980

Dvouhlavé Hrací Karty

“Dvouhlavé Hrací Karty” (Czech Seasons playing cards) made by Obchodní Tiskárny, c.1980.

Historic Ships

Historic Ships

“Historic Ships” quartet game from Czechoslovakia illustrated by Jaromír Vraštil.

Interhotel playing cards 1972

Interhotel playing cards

Interhotel playing cards printed by Obchodni Tiskárny (OTK), Prague, and published by the Interhotel chain in 1972.

Jan Becher playing cards 1988

Jan Becher playing cards

Publicity pack for Jan Becher, a Czech liqueur company, with modified international courts.

OTK Bridge-Rummy 1990

OTK Bridge-Rummy

OTK Bridge-Rummy by Obchodní Tiskărny, c.1990.

Pilsner Urquell 1980

Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell publicity deck from Czech Republic featuring beer drinkers.

ZPA Trutnov 1988

ZPA Trutnov

Publicity pack for a Czech company making mains receivers and electrical control units.