Casino No.240

Piatnik-Ritter No.240

Piatnik-Ritter No.240 playing cards, pre-1946
Piatnik-Ritter No.240 playing cards, pre-1946

Above: Piatnik-Ritter No.240 playing cards, pre-1946, when Ritter were Nationalised and became a part of OTK (along with the other printing industries in Czechoslovakia). The ace of spades states: “Made in Czechoslovakia”. The logo on the ace of hearts states: “Ferd Piatnik & Sons Ritter & Comp Praha”.

The court cards from Ritter’s packs were imported into the UK after WWII by Bancroft & Partners Ltd with the brand name “Casino”. The joker was also carried over. (These should not be confused with a German firm who also used the name Casino.)

Obchodní Tiskárny Casino No.240

Obchodní Tiskárny Casino No.240, c.1950s
Obchodní Tiskárny Casino No.240, c.1950s Obchodní Tiskárny Casino No.240, c.1950s

Above: OTK Casino No.240, c.1950s. The ace of hearts has the word “casino” and the ace of spades merely states: “foreign”. OTK continued to use Ritter's veiled joker, but later introduced a new version (shown below). See the Control Slip

Obchodní Tiskárny Casino No.300

Obchodní Tiskárny Casino No.300, c.1960s

Above: OTK Casino No.300, imported into UK by Bancroft & Partners Ltd, c.1960s, with a new joker. See the Box   Another similar brand was named Casino No.250. Images courtesy Matt Probert.

Obchodní Tiskárny Casino No.240, 1979

Above: “Casino” brand for the 60th anniversary of Česká Zbrojovka motorcycle company which was established in 1919. The company logo appears on the back and two custom jokers with the legend “Let 60 1919-1979”.

The ace of spades has been re-drawn several times but basically remains the same


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