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Real Fábrica de Macharaviaya

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Baraja Carlos IV by Félix Solesio, 1800 1800

Baraja Carlos IV by Félix Solesio, 1800

Baraja Carlos IV, Félix Solesio en la Real Fábrica de Macharaviaya, 1800.

Félix Solesio e Hijos 1801

Félix Solesio e Hijos

Félix Solesio e Hijos, Fábrica de Macharaviaya, Spanish National pattern for West Indies, 1801.

Real Fábrica de Macharaviaya

Real Fábrica de Macharaviaya

This is the official Spanish National pattern of the 18th century. Design and production was controlled from Madrid as a source of national or regional revenue. The factory was located in the town of Macharaviaya, in the province of Málaga.

Spanish National Pattern

Spanish National Pattern

Probably originating in Spain in the seventeenth century or even earlier, this pattern became strongly established by the Catalan cardmakers Rotxotxo of Barcelona.