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Cheery Families, c.1893

Cheery Families by De La Rue & Co., Ltd, c.1890

Designed by Richard Doyle (1824-1883) and registered in 1893. This is De La Rue's contribution to the 'Happy Families' genre which had become popular following the publication of Jaques' Original Happy Families in c.1850. Richard Doyle also designed “Stop Thief” and “Spin & Old Maid” card games for De la Rue.

Cheery Families printed by De La Rue & Co., Ltd, c.1893

Above: eight cards from 'Cheery Families' card game printed by De La Rue & Co., Ltd, c.1893. 52 cards, 13 families of four cards each. The initials R.D. appear on Mr Grub the Gardener's flowerpot, which stand for Richard Doyle (1824-83), the humorous artist, cartoonist and illustrator.

Richard 'Dick Kitcat' Doyle (1824-1883) was uncle to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He was a gifted artist and began from an early age to illustrate juvenilia and books for family circulation. He went on to illustrate for Dickens, Thackeray, Ruskin and Punch magazine and became almost a household name. Doyle's cover design for Punch was used until 1954.

Cheery Families printed by De La Rue & Co., Ltd, c.1893

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