Tempest is a rare and unusual family game, described on the box as ‘Uproariously Funny’, designed by William Heath Robinson (1872–1944) and manufactured by Thomas De la Rue & Co Ltd, London, c.1920s. The game consists of 54 cards, divided into 9 sets of six ‘winds’, on each of which is depicted a character exhibiting a temper appropriate to the particular wind. Players blow on the weather vane to determine the wind direction and dealer for the next round in the game and the purpose of the game is to collect a complete set of ‘wind’ cards.   To see the Rules click here

The box from Tempest published by Thomas de la Rue & Co. Ltd, c.1920s Tempest: the Weather Vane, for determining the Prevailing Wind

Above: the Weather Vane, for determining the Prevailing Wind. All images courtesy Rex Pitts.

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