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Artistas del Cine

Advertising pack designed by J. Passos and first printed by Cromografía Irández, Barcelona, c.1926. Re-printed in 1995.

Artistas del Cine 1926

Baraja Cartomántica Chocolates Nelia

Some examples of playing cards made in Catalonia from the collection of Iris Mundus, Barcelona.

Baraja Cartomántica Chocolates Nelia 1932

Cartes à Jouer Espagnoles

Cartes à Jouer Espagnoles Héron - Catalan pattern.

Cartes à Jouer Espagnoles

Catalan Playing Cards

With a distinct history stretching back to the early middle ages, many Catalans think of themselves as a separate nation from the rest of Spain.

Catalan Playing Cards

Heráldica Castanyer

Spanish Catalan pattern No.6 by Heráldica Castanyer, Sabadell (Barcelona), c.1980.

Heráldica Castanyer 1980

Juan Roura, Barcelona (1872 - 1962)

Juan Roura produced a range of popular designs including Catalán, Castilian and Cádiz patterns for domestic use exportation.

Juan Roura, Barcelona (1872 - 1962)

La Baralla Espanyola de Regió 7

“La Baralla Espanyola de Regió 7”, created by Jaume Capdevila and Helena Rovira for Edicions Intercomarcals SA in 1996, depicts caricatures of Spanish politicians from that era.

La Baralla Espanyola de Regió 7 1996

Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern

Mas-Reynals standard Catalan pattern comes in several slightly different versions.

Mas-Reynals Catalan Pattern 1999

Spanish National Pattern

Probably originating in Spain in the seventeenth century or even earlier, this pattern became strongly established by the Catalan cardmakers Rotxotxo of Barcelona.

Spanish National Pattern

Vic Joc de Cartes

Vic Joc de Cartes, happy families quartet game, 1990.

Vic Joc de Cartes 1990

XV Century Catalan Playing Cards

Uncoloured and uncut sheet of XV Century Catalan Playing Cards, featuring four female Sotas, four Aces and four cards from the suit of batons.

XV Century Catalan Playing Cards 1490

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