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In 1817 the Imperial Playing-Card Factory (Leningrad) was founded and it played a benevolent role by channelling revenues to the Imperial Foundling Hospitals.

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Anti-Fascist Propaganda Pack for the Siege of Leningrad, 1943

In 1943 a pack of ‘anti-fascist’ playing cards was designed by Vasiliy Andrianovich Vlasov mocking the rulers of Germany and the Axis powers.

Anti-Fascist Propaganda Pack for the Siege of Leningrad, 1943 1943


The Russians were no strangers to propaganda cards. Clubs represent the Russian Orthodox church, Hearts Roman Catholicism, Spades Confucianism and Diamonds represent Judaism.

Anti-Religions 1930

Back to the USSR

Back to the USSR deck featuring communist party leaders and politicians, c.1995

Back to the USSR 1995

Cosmopolitan № 2121 playing cards

“Cosmopolitan” № 2121 playing cards designed by Russian artist Valeri Mishin, 1996

Cosmopolitan № 2121 playing cards 1996


“Cossack” playing cards, with artwork by O. Panchenko dedicated to the revival of the traditions of the Cossacks. Printed by the Colour Printing Plant, St Petersburg, 1994.

Cossack 1994

Dead Souls

Dead Souls, or “Mertvye dushi igral’nye karty” produced in 2006 by Aleksei Orleanskii.

Dead Souls 2006

Dolls Gallery

Dolls Gallery / Galereia kukol : karty igral’nye / published by Varvara Skripkina, 2003.

Dolls Gallery 2003

East Slavonic Mythology

East Slavonic Mythology designed by Aleksey Orleansky (1994) featuring creatures from the watery underworld.

East Slavonic Mythology 1994


“Eastern” playing cards dedicated to ethnic Buryat culture, 2015

Eastern 2015

Glorious Russia

‘Glorious Russia’ playing cards made in France by Grimaud, c.1995

Glorious Russia 1995

Historical playing cards, 1897

Russian “Historical” playing cards with designs by Nikolay Karazin, 1897

Historical playing cards, 1897 1897

Hotel Lena

Hotel Lena playing cards published by Bichik in Yakutsk in 2001.

Hotel Lena 2001

Hunting playing cards

Hunting playing cards / “Okhotnich’i karty” with illustrations by the court artist Mihály Zichy.

Hunting playing cards 2005

La Traviata

“La Traviata” playing cards designed by Erté, c.1985.

La Traviata 1985

Matryoshka playing cards

The first nested doll set was carved in 1890.

Matryoshka playing cards


“Maya” playing cards designed by Russian artist V. M. Sveshnikov and first published by The Colour Printing Plant, St Petersburg, in 1975.

Maya 1975

Miner’s Cards for Rutek Alliance

Miner’s Cards for the Czech company Rutek Alliance, 2012.

Miner’s Cards for Rutek Alliance 2012

New Figures by A. I. Charlemagne, 1862

“Renaissance” playing card designs by A I Charlemagne, 1862.

New Figures by A. I. Charlemagne, 1862 1862

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