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German playing cards

Card-playing rapidly became popular in medieval Bavaria and German printers were quick to supply the goods.

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“Deck with French suits”

“Deck with French suits”

A facsimile of an early 19th century French-suited deck from the collection of F.X. Schmid.

10: Playing Cards in Germany

10: Playing Cards in Germany

The playing card manufacturers of Germany from 1900 until 1939 provide a complicated set of relationships that deserve closer investigation. Here are some of the standard English designs to be found.

52 Transformierte Spielkarten 1989

52 Transformierte Spielkarten

Modern transformation pack including some saucy images created by Siegfried Heilmeier.

9-11-89 passé 1990

9-11-89 passé

Caricatures of East German politicians following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

A miniature theatrical pack of playing cards, Germany? c.1900 1900

A miniature theatrical pack of playing cards, Germany? c.1900

This miniature pack is very similar to one made by C.L.Wúst in c.1890.

A New Year’s Greeting 1968

A New Year’s Greeting

in the form of playing cards

Aces Playing Cards (2nd edition) 2012

Aces Playing Cards (2nd edition)

‘Aces Playing Cards’ collaborative art deck published by Zeixs, Cologne (2nd edition).

Adolph Wulff  Kort No.70 1900

Adolph Wulff Kort No.70

Playing cards for Denmark made by C.L. Wüst

Alice in Wonderland Snap 1925

Alice in Wonderland Snap

Alice in Wonderland “Snap” 1 penny game from 1920s or 30s, made in Germany, anonymous manufacturer.

Altenburger Bauerntrachten 1982

Altenburger Bauerntrachten

“Altenburger Bauerntrachten” commemorating 150 years of playing cards from Altenburg, designed by Andreas Wachter, 1982.

American Skat 1889

American Skat

These decks were produced in various grades for the German immigrant population and feature the German eagle and the German and American flags intertwined. There were two versions: one with German faces and one with American faces.

Andere Zeiten - Andere Kleider 1954

Andere Zeiten - Andere Kleider

‘History of fashion’ cultural quartet game designed by Erika Werner-Nestler, 1954.

Angler Skat 1981

Angler Skat

Angler Skat manufactured by VEB Altenburg, c.1981

Anonymous possibly Kaspar Traugott Knaut.

Anonymous possibly Kaspar Traugott Knaut.

The maker is possibly Kaspar Traugott Knaut (1799-1881).

Anti-Napoleon 1815


Deck from the liberation war against Napoleon, unknown maker, c.1815.

Antike Götter 1830

Antike Götter

“Antike Götter” - facsimile of antique playing cards originally manufactured by C. A. Müller, Berlin, 1830.

Art Deco playing cards 1923

Art Deco playing cards

by Flemming-Wiskott A.G.of Glogau, Germany.

Art Nouveau 1987

Art Nouveau

Elegant gold-printed playing cards in Jugendstil style designed by Otto Benz for Renault, 1987

Asterix Abenteuer 1989

Asterix Abenteuer

Asterix Adventure quartet game by ASS, 1989.

August der Starke 1985

August der Starke

‘August der Starke und seine Zeit’ designed by Günter Schmitz, 1985.