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Japanese playing cards include: 'Awase' or 'matching pairs' cards and Portuguese or Spanish-derived 'Dragon' type cards.

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Ainu culture 1979

Ainu culture

A terrific deck of cards made by Nintendo c.1979 with original designs on every card showing the Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan.

Akadama Honey Wine by Nintendo 1970

Akadama Honey Wine by Nintendo

Suntory Akadama Honey Wine playing cards manufactured by Nintendo, Japan, c.1970.



After Mekuri games such as Unsun Karuta and Tenshô Karuta were banned by the authorities, especially if played with foreign cards, their appearance was disguised.

Back to Country 1979

Back to Country

Advertising playing cards for a Japanese fashion house, with reversed colours.

Back to the 80s Lenormand 2022

Back to the 80s Lenormand

History meets pop culture in a 36-card set that pays tribute to Lenormand's legacy and the colourful world of 1980s Japanese-style comics.

Banjo playing cards 1978

Banjo playing cards

Banjo playing cards featuring the collection of Akira Tsumura, Japan, c. 1978.

Black & White Whisky by Nintendo

Black & White Whisky by Nintendo

Whisky advertising playing cards manufactured by Nintendo Playing Cards Co Ltd for Dodwell & Co., 1960s.

Chandelier No. 55 (Nintendo) 1950

Chandelier No. 55 (Nintendo)

Standard international pattern playing cards made in occupied Japan, c.1950.

Crazyrider playing cards 1985

Crazyrider playing cards

Stylised portrayal of rock musicians from the 1980s.

Dragon Fanning Deck

Dragon Fanning Deck

This set of cards published by DP Group Ltd (Japan) allows the performer to create different fans



DRRR!!, short for Durarara!!, is an anime adaptation of a Japanese light novel written by Ryohgo Narita.

Fan DACK Playing CARD 1972

Fan DACK Playing CARD

Unusual cards in the shape of skittles, intended for fanning.

Far East 1980

Far East

Far East playing cards with designs by Isabel Ibáñez de Sendadiano, c.1980.

Flora playing cards 1982

Flora playing cards

Flora playing cards made by the Angel Playing Card Co., Kyoto, 1982.

Fujitsu playing cards 1973

Fujitsu playing cards

Colourful advertising pack for Fujitsu Limited, reminiscent of the flower power/psychedelic era.

Glico Almond Chocolate 1967

Glico Almond Chocolate

Glico Almond Chocolate playing cards with designs by Izumi Tamai, produced by Nintendo, Japan.

Guanlangaoshou / Slam Dunk playing cards 1995

Guanlangaoshou / Slam Dunk playing cards

Basketball-themed manga animated playing cards from Japan.

Haig Whisky 1980

Haig Whisky

Japanese advertising pack for Haig Scotch whisky with modified international courts.

Hana Fuda - Japan

Hana Fuda - Japan

Hana Fuda playing cards hand-made by Patricia Kirk, 2003

Hanafuda Flower Cards 2008

Hanafuda Flower Cards

Japanese Flower Cards (Hanafuda) made by Nintendo, Japan, 2008.