Ainu culture

Ainu culture

The Ainu are an indigenous people of Japan. Traditional Ainu culture was quite different from Japanese culture, with roots stretching back more than 10,000 years. It is still alive and vibrant today. The Ainu are traditionally animists, believing that everything in nature has a kamuy (spirit or god) on the inside. Never shaving after a certain age, the men had full beards and moustaches   Wikipedia →

Ainu playing cards by Nintendo, 1979 Ainu playing cards by Nintendo, 1979

Above: Ainu playing cards by Nintendo, 1979. 52 cards + 2 jokers. There are two different decks of Ainu cards; this deck is sometimes referred to as "Ainu I" to distinguish it from the second deck, sometimes referred to as "Ainu II." The court card designs are different in the two decks. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

Ainu Group

Above: a group of Ainu people.

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