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Playing cards have been known in the Low Countries since the 14th century

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Piket Fijne Speelkaarten, c.1925-30

Piket Fijne Speelkaarten, c.1925-30

‘Piket Fijne Speelkaarten’ by La Turnhoutoise, c.1925-30.

Rapalje 2004


Promotional pack for a Dutch Celtic folk band which performs Irish, Scottish and Dutch folk music, c.2004.

Rembrandt playing cards

Rembrandt playing cards

Rembrandt playing cards published by the Rembrandthuis (The Rembrandt House Museum) in Amsterdam.

Rhineland Pattern

Rhineland Pattern

This pack was probably the culmination of a mixture of designs from 19th century Germany which emerged as one of Dondorf's more popular house patterns by around 1900.

Ronia Genoese Pattern

Ronia Genoese Pattern

‘Ronia’ Genoese Pattern made in Hungary for the Dutch market, c.1970

Royal Dutch Mail 1939

Royal Dutch Mail

Elegant “Nieuw Neerlandia” pattern designed by M.A. Koekkoek and produced by Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland, c.1930s

Saint-Martin Island Souvenir

Saint-Martin Island Souvenir

St-Martin Island Souvenir published by Editions Exbrayat.

Sikar 1935


Publicity playing cards for the Dutch credit company Sitters & van der Kar. The four Aces and Joker feature abstract geometric designs in the style of Art Deco.

Specsavers playing cards 2010

Specsavers playing cards

to help you see better when playing cards

Speelkaarten-Fabriek Nederland “Fortuna” 1926

Speelkaarten-Fabriek Nederland “Fortuna”

Speelkaarten-Fabriek Nederland for Royal West Indian Mail Service, c.1926

Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland Maritime Deck 1938

Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland Maritime Deck

Dutch Maritime pack designed by J.Verhoeven and printed by Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland c1938

Sprookjes Kwartet 1970

Sprookjes Kwartet

Fairy Tales quartet published by Heinrich Schwarz + Co for Dutch market, c.1970.

Stap Op 1945

Stap Op

Stap Op by Penco for Victory Spelen 1945. A clone of Parker’s Touring except the Dutch have to do it all on a bicycle.

Stationskwartetspel 1975


Railway Stations quartet game illustrated by Wim Dolk and published by Servex BV, Utrecht, 1975.

Story Magazine 1978

Story Magazine

Dutch singers, TV and theatre artist playing cards for “Story” magazine, 1978.

Theatre of Pain / Teatr Boli 2005

Theatre of Pain / Teatr Boli

Theatre of Pain / Teatr boli playing cards depicting politicians and leaders in the Caucasus territorial disputes.

Verkeers Kwartet 1965

Verkeers Kwartet

Verkeers Kwartet by Nederlandse Spellenfabriek BV, Amsterdam, 1965.

Wereldvlucht Kwartet 1933

Wereldvlucht Kwartet

Published in 1933, this game celebrated the burgeoning passenger services by air around the world. Spears Weltflug Quartette was produced in German, Dutch and English versions.

Zwanenberg’s Kwartetspel 1938

Zwanenberg’s Kwartetspel

Zwanenberg’s Kwartetspel printed by Speelkaartenfabriek Nederland, 1938.

Zwarte Piet 1906

Zwarte Piet

Zwarte Piet by Dondorf for the Dutch market, 1906.