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Baraja 2002

Baraja "Te Amo" cartoons by Serafín

Baraja 'Te Amo' con dibujos de Serafín en tirada de 500 ejemplares numerados, 48 naipes. Fabricado por Naipes Comas (Barcelona) 2002.

Baraja Asescoin 1998 1998

Baraja Asescoin 1998

Asescoin 1998 member’s pack designed by Josep Soriano.

Baraja Cristóbal Colón 2006

Baraja Cristóbal Colón

“Baraja Cristóbal Colón” commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death of Christopher Columbus.

Baraja Hispanoamericana 2003

Baraja Hispanoamericana

“Baraja Hispanoamericana” published by Asescoin, with artwork by Ortuño, illustrates memorable people from the discovery, colonisation and subsequent liberation of Hispanic America

Baraja Historica de Madrid 1992

Baraja Historica de Madrid

“Baraja Historica de Madrid 1992” playing cards designed by Alberto Pérez and published by Asescoin for 1994 Convention.

Baraja Literaria 2002

Baraja Literaria

“Baraja Literaria” Spanish pack with cartoons by Serafín, published by Asescoin and manufactured by Naipes Comas, 2002.

Baraja Marinera 1995

Baraja Marinera

‘Baraja Marinera’ designed by Francisco Javier San Juan, published by Asescoin (Madrid), 1995

Don Quijote IV Centenario 2004

Don Quijote IV Centenario

Baraja IV Centenario Don Quijote is the work of artist Vicente Arnás, published by Asescoin, Madrid, 2004.

Naipes “El Castillo” 1991

Naipes “El Castillo”

Hand-drawn designs by Inmaculada Gabaldón with suits based on traditional Spanish ones, published by Naipes de la Cigüeña, 1991.