Don Quijote IV Centenario

Don Quijote IV centenary commemorative deck published by Asescoin, 2004

The splendid imagery on these cards, illustrated with a refined technique and extraordinary creative freedom, is the work of artist Vicente Arnás, coordinated by Gonzaga Gil-Delgado and Alberto Pérez. The decks were printed by Maestros Naiperos Españoles for Asescoin (Asociación Española de Coleccionismo e Investigación del Naipe), Madrid, as their special member's pack for 2004, as a tribute to the immortal literary masterpiece “El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha” and its author Miguel de Cervantes.

Baraja IV Centenario Don Quijote printed by Maestros Naiperos Españoles for ASESCOIN, 2004

Above: first edition of "Baraja IV Centenario Don Quijote" published by Asescoin, Madrid and printed by Maestros Naiperos Españoles, 2004. Limited edition of 1000 packs, 42 cards + 4 extra cards in sturdy box. For further information about ASESCOIN and membership details visit their website:

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