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Bavarian Military Cards 1880

Bavarian Military Cards

The King of Acorns is supposed to represent Prince Otto; the King of Leaves is Maximilian II; the King of Bells is Ludwig II; the King of Hearts is Ludwig I wearing a general's uniform.

Karoo 1900


“Karoo”, later reissued as “Triplem”, by Oppenheimer und Sulzbacher, c.1900.

Narren-Karte, c.1860 1860

Narren-Karte, c.1860

Narren-Karte by Christian Heinrich Reuter, Nürnberg, c.1860.

One Penny Games 1920

One Penny Games

One Penny Card Games, 1920s.

One Penny Games 2 1910

One Penny Games 2

One Penny Card Games, 1900-1910, mostly anonymous 'Snap' games and made in Germany.