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one penny Snap box

Some 1 penny card games from early 20th century, these packs were usually 32 or sometimes 36 cards only and printed on the cheapest possible card. They were almost exclusively printed in Bavaria and either sold in a box or paper sleeve. Most have plain backs, unless shown otherwise. These games don’t get much attention but they are of their time and sometimes very funny. We are grateful to Neil Darbyshire who helped to identify the titles.

Capital Snap

Above: Capital Snap, a pleasant and amusing game, made in Germany for UK market, c.1910. 24 cards, 3 of each picture.

Cock Robin Snap

Above: cards from Cock Robin Snap showing various animals, anonymous manufacturer, 4 of each card, printed in black & red only.


Above: anonymous manufacturer, 3 of each card, printed in blue, red & black, probably published at the time of the First World War. Incomplete pack, hard to know how many cards there should be in total.

Charlie Chaplin Snap

Above: Charlie Chaplin Snap

Whiskers Snap

Above: Whiskers Snap

Cats in Hats Snap

Above: Cats in Hats Snap. Maker unknown but likely German,

Scouts snap

Above: Scouting Snap

Caricature Olympics Snap

Above: Caricature Olympics Snap

Baby's Photo Snap

Above: Baby's Photo Snap

Musical Snap

Above: Musical Snap, British made but maker unknown.

Variety Stars Snap

Above: Variety Stars Snap

The Frolicsome Golliwog Snap

Above: The Frolicsome Golliwog Snap, see the Rules

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Thanks to Neil Darbyshire for additional research.

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