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Breweries and Brewing Playing Cards

Breweries and Brewing Playing Cards

Most of these packs are designed as advertising for beer brands and breweries, featuring their logos, slogans, beer labels and other marketing messages. These themed playing cards often incorporate designs and imagery inspired by the brewing process, such as beer bottles, pint glasses and brewing equipment, making them a visually engaging and fun collector's item for beer enthusiasts.

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Anheuser-Busch 1899


The Kings show American admirals and the Jacks have different officers at each end. The Queens are “Our Colonies”.

Anheuser-Busch Army & Navy 1900

Anheuser-Busch Army & Navy

This deck is commonly known as the “Anheuser-Busch Spanish-American War deck”, issued at the end of the war.

Belle Vue Gueuze 1969

Belle Vue Gueuze

Promotional playing cards designed by Wim Simons, Belgium, 1960s.

Brewery Advertising

Brewery Advertising

Australian Brewery Advertising.

Budweiser Budvar beer 1985

Budweiser Budvar beer

Colourful designs promoting Budweiser Budvar beer from Czechoslovakia.

Cartes de Luxe (1877) facsimile 1877

Cartes de Luxe (1877) facsimile

‘Cartes de Luxe’ first published by Biermans in 1877 was reproduced in facsimile by Amstel Beer in c.1980.

Castle Lager 2012

Castle Lager

Castle Lager playing cards, c.2012.

Cerveza ‘El Gallo’ 1880

Cerveza ‘El Gallo’

Advertising pack for Cerveza ‘El Gallo’ made in Belgium, c.1880.

Clausen Brewing 1885

Clausen Brewing

It was a common practice for card makers to produce decks under fictitious names particularly when producing advertising decks, to avoid promoting their own name at the expense of the client.

De La Rue 1932-1933 Sample Book of Advertising cards 1933

De La Rue 1932-1933 Sample Book of Advertising cards

Complete contents of a sample book of advertising cards by De La Rue

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