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Playing Cards from Childhood highlight card games that have entertained and educated young generations. With imaginative illustrations and engaging designs, these games promote strategic thinking, social interaction and friendly competition. Rediscover their timeless charm and the role they play in fostering creativity, skill development and treasured memories for children worldwide.

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Pierre l’Ebouriffé

Pierre l’Ebouriffé

Heinrich Hoffmann (1809-1894) wrote the Struwwelpeter stories in 1847 for his son Carl. The stories quickly became famous and were translated into many languages...

Prudence Snap c.1950 1950

Prudence Snap c.1950

Chad Valley “Prudence Kitten Snap” card game designed by Annette Mills.

Sa Majesté, le roi des jeux de cartes 2002

Sa Majesté, le roi des jeux de cartes

A colourful pack aimed at children, with illustrations by Muriel Kerba.

Shakespearian Misfitz 1907

Shakespearian Misfitz

C. W. Faulkner’s “Shakespearian Misfitz” designed by George Lambert and published around 1907/08 showing famous characters from Shakespeare.

Snap 1925 1925

Snap 1925

Chad Valley ‘Snap’ card game designed by Linda Edgerton, 1925.

Snap Cards 1950

Snap Cards

Clifford Series Snap Cards, c.1950.

Spear’s Old Maid

Spear’s Old Maid

Spear’s “The Jolly Game of Old Maid” was introduced around 1900. The cards contain some interesting but harmless social stereotypes from the end of the Victorian era.

Tarot for Baby 2022

Tarot for Baby

This board book simplifies tarot archetypes into accessible affirmations for young children.

The New Game of Animals 1878

The New Game of Animals

Victorian card game with imaginatively designed letters which spell the name of an animal, with one card representing the animal spelt.

Three Bears Snap 1930

Three Bears Snap

“Three Bears Snap” was designed by A. E. Kennedy and published by C. W. Faulkner & Co., c.1930s.

Vacuation 1940


“Vacuation” published by Pepys games, based on the evacuation of children to Reception Areas in the countryside during WW2, c.1939-40.

Waddingtons Nursery Rhymes 1975

Waddingtons Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhyme playing cards by Waddingtons, Leeds, UK, 1975.

Waddy Productions

Waddy Productions

Waddy Productions Ltd was a member of the giant Amalgamated Press group and only published card games for a short period in the 1930s.

Walt Disney playing cards 1990

Walt Disney playing cards

‘Naipes Donald’, children's miniature Spanish-suited Walt Disney playing cards, Uruguay, c.1990.